Aluminum Tube

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Aluminum Tube products are hollow wrought products of uniform cross-section, uniform wall thickness, and only one enclosed void. Tube can be formed by extrusion or by forming and joining of sheet.

Aluminum Tube cross-sections are in the shape of circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles, or regular polygons. Tube corners may be rounded, provided the inner and outer cross-sections are concentric and have the same form and orientation.

Pierce Aluminum can supply aluminum tube products in both straight lengths and coiled form.

Tube vs. Pipe

Tube products differ from pipe products in several characteristics, the critical one being how they are measured. Aluminum round tube products are defined by their outside diameter because their purpose is structural applications. For the same reason, other aluminum tube types (see below) may be defined by their wall sizes. Additionally, tube products may be provided in either straight lengths or coils, whereas pipe products are rigid and available only in straight lengths.

Pierce Aluminum tube

Pierce Aluminum Tube product shapes

Pierce Aluminum offers Aluminum Tube products in four standard shapes:

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