Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate products are rolled and rectangular in cross section. Plate product thickness is never less than 0.250 inch (6mm). For thinner products, please refer to our Aluminum Sheet page. Plate product edges may be sheared or sawn.

Pierce Aluminum plate


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Ordering guidelines for Pierce Aluminum Plate products

Pierce Aluminum can provide Aluminum Plate products in widths ranging from 10.5” to 99”, and in thicknesses ranging from 0.188” to 16”.

Pierce Aluminum Plate is available in varieties of Series 1000, Series 2000, Series 3000, Series 5000, Series 6000, and Series 7000 alloy.

Aluminum Plate is available in multiple tempers.

Refer to our Product Finder for our standard measurements, types, alloys, and tempers.

Pierce Aluminum Plate product types

Pierce Aluminum can supply these standard aluminum plate types:

  • Alclad—Clad plate having on one or both surfaces a metallurgically bonded aluminum coating that is anodic to the core. This coating electrolytically protects the core against corrosion. If one side only is clad, the product is often named “Alclad One Side Plate.”
  • Tooling—Cast or rolled product of rectangular cross-section not less than 0.250 inch (6mm) in thickness. Edges are either as-cast, sheared, or sawn. Internal stress levels are closely controlled to achieve maximum stability for machining purposes in tool and jig applications.
  • Tread—Plate (or sheet) upon which an appropriate pattern has been impressed on one side by a specially prepared roll. Tread Plate is typically used to improve traction on a surface.

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