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Aluminum Pipe products are produced in standardized combinations of outside diameter and wall thickness. Pipe is commonly designated by “Nominal Pipe Sizes” and “ANSI Schedule Numbers.”

Pierce aluminum pipe


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Ordering guidelines for Pierce Aluminum Pipe products

When using our Product Finder or requesting a quote, measure according to this diagram to ensure accurate specifications.

Pierce Aluminum can provide Aluminum Pipe products in nominal sizes ranging from 0.125” to 12”, and ten ANSI Schedule Numbers ranging from 5 to 160.

Pierce Aluminum Pipe is available in varieties of Series 5000, Series 6000, and Series 7000 alloy.

Aluminum Pipe is available in Extruded, Drawn Seamless and Seamless , and in multiple tempers.

Refer to our Product Finder for our standard measurements, types, alloys, and tempers.

Pipe vs. Tube

Pipe products differ from tube products in several characteristics, the critical one being how they are measured. Pipe products are defined by their internal diameter, or bore.

Additionally, pipe products are rigid and provided only in straight lengths. Tube products are provided in either straight lengths or coils.

Pierce Aluminum Pipe product types

Pierce Aluminum can supply the four standard aluminum pipe types, which are defined by their manufacturing processes:

  • Drawn—Pipe brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die.
  • Extruded—Pipe formed by hot extruding.
  • Seamless—Pipe which does not contain any line junctures (metallurgical welds) resulting from the method of manufacture. (Note: This product may be produced by extruding or by drawing, using either die-and-mandrel or hot piercer processes.)
  • Structural—Pipe commonly used for structural purposes.

Pierce Aluminum can also provide Half Pipe products in a range of sizes. Learn more.

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