Aluminum for Military Applications

For more than a century, aluminum has answered the call across the spectrum of military uses. From raw stock standard alloys to armor plate and ballistically tested and approved aluminum stock, Pierce supports America’s military suppliers, designers, and manufacturers.

Full-range aluminum stock and processing for the needs of the military

With their light weight, high strength and durability, weldability, and low maintenance needs, aluminum alloys see service in armor, vehicles, firearms and artillery pieces, portable structures, munitions—practically everything a fighting force requires for its missions. Pierce meets the stringent demands of military-grade aluminum supply and piece production with inventory and full processing capabilities in the same facility.

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Pierce Aluminum military capabilities at a glance:

  • Extensive and deep inventory at all locations to meet high-volume demands.
  • Full range of aluminum alloys in every location.
  • High-tolerance parts processing and machining at all locations.
  • Full custom fabrication capabilities at every location.

Meeting critical military aluminum needs

Pierce Aluminum has produced armor plate and bi-metallic materials currently in use in:

  • Humvees
  • Tanks
  • Blast shields
  • Decking
  • Miscellaneous equipment (ladders, trailers, etc.)