Aluminum for the Medical Industry

From hospital equipment and furnishings to instruments and tools to the newest state-of-the-art medical devices, aluminum delivers significant advantages of machinability, versatility, electrical conductivity, strength-to-weight, and cost to the medical industry. As innovation accelerates in health care, Pierce Aluminum keeps up the pace.

Expertise in aluminum for the complexities of the medical industry

At Pierce Aluminum, one of our strengths is advising product design teams, determining the best solutions for their challenges. The medical industry employs a wide range of aluminum alloys. We not only stock all common alloys but also provide complete processing, machining, and finishing services in the same location. With this end-to-end capability, we can often accelerate the prototyping process—and help get life-saving products to market faster.

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Pierce Aluminum medical capabilities at a glance:

  • Large inventories in all locations, stocking the different types of alloys the medical industry demands.
  • Extensive expertise working with multiple alloys.
  • High tolerance machining to answer your critical needs for precision.
  • Quick turnaround, with inventory and processing facilities under one roof in each location.
  • Deep specialization in product prototyping with customer design teams.