Message from Leadership

(Updated June 3, 2020) The events surrounding the coronavirus epidemic are unprecedented and a challenge in so many ways. We often reviewed contingency plans for natural disasters, short term outages, and various scenarios that we may face in the course of business. Never did we plan for an economic shutdown in the scope we have experienced. It’s times like this when you realize the strength of the organization and the people that make a difference. (continued)

Message from Leadership

In our 53 years of Pierce Aluminum, we have always focused on the Difference Is Service. Over the last two months, we have seen how our employees stepped up to an unknown challenge and continued to work with our customers to understand their needs and present solutions to their supply chain challenges. We are proud to have worked with manufacturers that jumped in to provide our health care and front line heroes with Personal Protective Equipment. We worked with producers that ramped up their medical device production capacity and worked with fabricators quickly designing and installing temporary field hospitals. Our sales staff met the challenge, our warehouse and operations group came in every day to meet production needs and our drivers safely met the condensed delivery schedule and brought product to our customers, on a number of occasions meeting a same day timeframe.

We are proud to be part of the solution but not surprised that our employees and the partnerships we created with customers and vendors met the challenge and continue to provide the highest level of service in our industry. We will continue to meet the challenges we face today with same attitude and resources that we have worked so hard to achieve. To our customers and vendors, thank you for your faith and partnership and to our employees, thank you for your endless dedication to serving the needs of our communities. We will all get through this together.

Message from Jeff Pierce

How we’re addressing customer and employee safety

As the pandemic unfolded, Pierce Aluminum like many organizations took immediate steps to insure the safety of our employees, customers, visitors, and vendors. (continued)

How We Are Addressing Customer and Employee Safety

As the pandemic unfolded, Pierce Aluminum like many organizations took immediate steps to insure the safety of our employees, customers, visitors, and vendors. Many sales offices were moved to remote at home work schedules, our productions shifts were flattened to create less people working at a time, and we executed a comprehensive cleaning regiment. We continue to monitor the guidance from local and federal authorities about safe and effective work strategies. All vendors, delivery drivers and visitors are required to wear face coverings on property. Our employees have been supplied with appropriate PPE and we have temporarily mandated face masks in all public gathering and work spaces in our facilities. We have worked with our customers to create touch free delivery points and continue to monitor and adjust our practices based on feedback, guidance and experience.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Entering a Pierce Aluminum Facility

  1. All vendors, visitors, drivers or guests must schedule an appointment in advance, approval must be given prior to arrival
  2. Vendors must call their contact person from the parking lot upon arrival and be escorted into the building
  3. All guests and vendors must wear a mask upon entering the facility or within a 10 foot perimeter of any Pierce Aluminum employee
  4. Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from any Pierce Employee
  5. When possible segregate workspace to maintain distance from Pierce Employee work spaces
  6. Upon completing work on any equipment, equipment must be disinfected with special attention to touch points and surface areas
  7. When possible, all paperwork should be electronic and signature/touch free

Emergency Contact Info

Address: 34 Forge Pkwy, Franklin, MA 02038
(508) 541-7007

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