Aluminum Waterjet Cutting

Custom waterjet cutting for maximum precision and efficiency

Pierce Aluminum’s state-of-the-art waterjet cutting capability produces precise aluminum parts with no thermal distortion or material degradation. Using our custom software, our waterjet processing technicians set up your project to minimize scrap for the most efficient materials yield.

A full aluminum supply plus waterjet cutting, to speed your processing order

Every Pierce Aluminum location has the aluminum stock, the waterjet cutting equipment, and the expert metalworkers to execute your job quickly and precisely. So you can have the parts you need with less lead time required.

Waterjet processing by Pierce Aluminum answers your needs for precision and efficiency—even on difficult pieces—with:

  • Shorter set-up time
  • No retooling between jobs
  • Multiple parts cut in a single operation
  • Superb edge quality, with true 90° cutting
  • Tight tolerances—up to .003”
  • 5-axis capabilities that allow for angle cuts up to 60°, complex transition bevels, weld-prep bevels, and countersinks

Pierce Aluminum offers water jet processing of parts up to 10′ wide, 26′ long and 12” thick.

Pierce aluminum waterjet cutting demo detail

Aluminum waterjet cutting applications

Pierce Aluminum customers have engaged us for waterjet processing to produce (for example):

  • Boat parts (keels, window frames, struts, gussets, decking)
  • Stage handling equipment
  • Design applications for signage (letters, frames, images)

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