Aluminum Routing

Larger-capacity machines to maximize your routing value

Pierce Aluminum recommends routing as a solution for large, challenging jobs that require multiple slots, counter sinks, tapping, and bevels. Our large-capacity routers can accommodate plates as long as 30’, as wide as 12’, and as thick as 8”.

This is a significant advantage over standard capacity (8’ x 12’) routers, and allows you to maximize machine efficiency and minimize the need for extended machine time and cost.

For longer and wider jobs, contact Pierce’s experts. We can custom-design a solution for your application.

With our full aluminum inventory, we can process your routing order faster.

At every Pierce Aluminum location we maintain a complete inventory of aluminum stock, so that when you bring us your routing order, our expert metalworkers can process it with minimal lead time.

Pierce Aluminum routing capabilities

Routing by Pierce Aluminum provides a wide range of processing capabilities including:

  • Counter sinks
  • Tapping
  • Blind holes
  • Threading
  • Champfering
  • True 90° edges
  • Compound bevels

Aluminum routing applications

Pierce Aluminum customers have engaged our routing services for applications including:

  • Military (from shipbuilding to land vehicles)
  • Architectural
  • Commercial/industrial
  • Staging
  • HVAC
  • Screens and perforations
  • Large design/sign operations
  • Making large custom extrusions
  • Bringing plate thickness to a custom spec

Let’s discuss your routing needs. Contact Pierce Aluminum.

Pierce Aluminum high-capacity routing.

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