Aluminum Laser Cutting

Custom aluminum laser cutting for faster processing with tighter tolerances

In the fall of 2022, Pierce Aluminum acquired a new 12kw aluminum laser cutting system in the Franklin, MA facility. This new option brings unprecedented precision and speed to meet your aluminum processing needs.

Coming soon: We will introduce this laser cutting capability at our New Orleans and Federal Way (Seattle) facilities in early 2023.

Pierce Aluminum's 12kw laser cutting equipment

Up to 6.5x faster than waterjet cutting, plus more advantages for your most challenging jobs:

  • 96″ x 300″ table — one of the industry’s largest at 12kw
  • Consistent .003″ tolerance
  • Smaller (.005″) kerf, resulting in better yield, less waste
  • No heat-affected zone
  • Pallet changing table for quicker processing
  • Immediate access to Pierce’s full on-site material inventory
  • Best-in-the-business skills of Pierce’s technicians

Pierce Aluminum offers laser processing of parts up to 96′ wide, 300′ long and .375” thick.

Pierce Aluminum now offers laser cutting.

Aluminum laser cutting applications

High-precision laser cutting is gaining rapid acceptance as the industry standard for such applications as:

  • Medical devices
  • Boat parts – gussets to keels, and every part in between
  • Architectural artwork and design
  • Cabinets and enclosures

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