Aluminum Cut-to-Length (CTL)

Delivering custom CTL for any aluminum sheet need

At Pierce we pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability to meet the most customized aluminum needs for your projects, end-to-end. Our extensive capabilities include a Cut-to-Length (CTL) line to deliver custom sheet lengths cut from our extensive coil inventory.

Pierce Aluminum is ready to provide you with custom CTL sheet in virtually any dimensions your project calls for:

  • Up to 60” wide
  • Up to 40’ long
  • Thicknesses from .020” to .156”

From our aluminum coil inventory direct to CTL sheets for your project

Pierce warehouses a full range of aluminum coil alloys, widths, and thicknesses. Our on-site CTL equipment and technicians enable us to process your job at pace, with less lead time, so your project can proceed to the next step.

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Pierce Aluminum cut-to-length (CTL) sheet processing.

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